Hamaton U-Pro Hybrid NFC Universal Sensor with Dual Valves

Revolutionizing Tire Valve Replacement with NFC Universal TPMS Sensor

Hamaton U-Pro Hybrid NFC Universal TPMS Sensors are changing the game for tire valves. They represent the future of TPMS technology. They’re totally configurable, programmable, and work with two different frequencies. They’re also the first sensors you can program with NFC on a smartphone. That makes them highly innovative and incredibly convenient.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless technology that connects devices over very short distances. It’s often used to make easy and quick payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Key Benefits and Features

  1. Rapid Programming
    The free smartphone app quickly programs the Hybrid NFC TPMS sensors with a tap for you specific vehicle. This process is faster than using typical TPMS programming tools.
  2. Two Programming Methods
    Create a new sensor ID and relearn the vehicle. Or, use the old OE sensor ID and skip the relearning process.
  3. Zero Interference
    NFC’s short-range communication ensures accurate programming with no errors or confusion between sensors.
  4. Free Updates
    The app automatically updates without fees, so you always have the latest vehicle coverage.

Boost Efficiency Without Losing Accuracy

These sensors allow tire distributors, dealers, and auto parts stores to program tire valves fast. This speeds up the workflow without sacrificing accuracy. It also allows DIYers to replace TPMS sensors quickly and affordably themselves. The maximum time to configure and program each sensor is 10 seconds according to Hamaton.

Universal Compatibility

As a universal sensor with dual frequencies, it works with most vehicles. Configure it with professional TPMS tools or the free, user-friendly phone app. The U-Pro Hybrid NFC Universal TPMS Sensor also comes with two valve stems to maximize compatibility. It has an alloy clamp-in stem or you can use the black snap-in stem.

Lasting & Reliable

A long-lasting Maxell battery powers the TPMS sensor in this kit. The latest NXP chipset, housed in a lightweight and durable casing, draws power from it.

Hamaton’s U-Pro Hybrid NFC Universal Sensors are changing the way tire valves are installed. They’re the first Program-by-Phone sensors, making them simple and smart. Improve your workflow and make installations easy with this amazing technology!

When the ‘low tire pressure’ light on your dash frustrates you, install the U-Pro Hybrid NFC Universal TPMS Sensors.

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