TPMS Valve Stem Pullers are specifically designed to handle TPMS valve stems, ensuring safe and efficient removal and installation. These tools allow for careful handling of TPMS-equipped tires, avoiding damage to the valve stem and sensor. Made from high-strength materials, they offer durability and reliability for professional and DIY use. Their design ensures a secure grip, providing precision in TPMS maintenance tasks. Simple to use, they streamline the process of working with TPMS valves, making tire service quicker and safer. Ideal for maintaining optimal tire pressure monitoring, these pullers are indispensable in any tire maintenance toolkit. With a TPMS Valve Stem Puller, keeping your TPMS system functional and accurate becomes easier, enhancing vehicle safety and performance.

  • $9.29

    Introducing the Hamaton Dynamic Valve Stem Puller with Rubber Block – the ultimate solution for safe and efficient Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) valve installations. This tool is expertly designed to simplify the installation process, ensuring that TPMS valves remain in a vertical position to prevent any damage to the valve or sensor.

    (Compare to: DY160)

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